i Manju Vardhman India

"I am feeling more confident. My accent and grammar is much better now. It was a good decision to join Face to Face Learning Center".

i Andrea Morales Switzerland

"The teacher is a very good teacher. She likes her job and we can see this. Carry on with the same way to teach. The school is perfect."

i Clara Silveira Paraguay

"Before Face to Face Learning Center, speaking English for me was a barrier, but my teacher inspiration helped me to achieve my goal. It is amazing feeling that you improve every day."


Week dedicated to Administrative Staff

Every profession should be applauded; each provides great benefits to different companies. On this last week of April, we recognize administrative assistants that bring life to their workplaces.

World Art Day

We begin with this famous phrase from Leonardo Da Vinci. Today, being World Art Day, we celebrate in honor of this great genius of the Italian Renaissance.

Manatee Appreciation Day!

Do you know about Manatees? Today we celebrate the life of these beautiful herbivores known for their calm characteristic. They do not have natural enemies, and spend most of their time eating, traveling and sleeping.

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