• Manuela Torres

    "I feel so good, because the classes are fun and dynamic. Thanks to the small size of the class we can participate constantly."

    Level 3   |   Spain
  • Chang Chen

    "My experience was very good. I feel very happy.I enjoyed debates and games in class."

    Level 4   |   Brazil
  • Maggie Chen

    "I love Face to Face because I can learn English easily. The best thing about class is time of conversation. The ambient in class is perfect to meet people and make new friends."

    Level 1   |   China
  • Clara Silveira

    "Before Face to Face Learning Center, speaking English for me was a barrier, but my teacher inspiration helped me to achieve my goal. It is amazing feeling that you improve every day. The small size classes give us the opportunity to practice all the time and with almost personalize attention."

    Level 2   |   Paraguay

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    Every profession should be applauded; each provides great benefits to different companies. On this last week of April, we recognize administrative assistants that bring life to their workplaces.

  • World Art Day

    We begin with this famous phrase from Leonardo Da Vinci. Today, being World Art Day, we celebrate in honor of this great genius of the Italian Renaissance.

  • Manatee Appreciation Day!

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  • A special day for every professional!

    Having good professionals is a blessing for any country. This is an appropriate phrase to help celebrate Professional Development Day. Taking into account that each trade is of paramount importance in our society. It’s the ideal time to learn and discuss new ideas that are focused on the different areas of each profession.

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